Attica Restaurant Template
When the creativity of a Wedding Planner joins

the exquisite flavours of a Catering

in a unique place as a Boat on the Tagus River with Lisbon as main background,

With such an inspiring and idyllic view,

the result can only be ....


The Tejo Weddings is born from a joint passion for a city, Lisbon, and by a river, Tejo, combined with a special way of thinking weddings. The idea was born of an old dream of Wedding Tailor & Planner Rui Mota Pinto and a willingness to revitalize the Tagus River and to offer different and remarkable weddings, and whose identity is directly linked to Lisbon, its history and all that incomparable it offers.

We want the river to be the perfect setting to celebrate

love with Lisbon as a privileged spectator.

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Wedding Packs

creativity, flavor, sail 

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River Tayloring

flow in your own way
Attica Restaurant Template

You set the terms....we set the sails!...

Your wedding just as you dream in an idilic place!

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planner Rui Mota Pinto
Trendy Wedding Planners by Rui Mota Pinto



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Our Boats

Your Dream
Attica Restaurant Template

choose your dream boat

we sail you to a dream day

The difference is not in the boats we have, but what we can do with them.

Classic Luxury Sailboat

uo to 12 guests

Sailboats, Klippers, Iates and Catamaran

Up to 35 guests

TallShip, Ship

up to 150 guests

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for more information please do not hesitate in contacting us at
'351 910 949 451